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  • Local Artistry

    Every collection we collaborate with local and small artists to create new and exclusive designs.

  • Discover

    Beautifully designed "every-occasion" patterns that fit every hobby, interests and lifestyle.

  • Safe Delivery

    Our team packs each box carefully and with care before delivering straight to your door.

  • Recyclable

    Our wrapping paper is 100% recyclable, non-toxic and from FSC-certififed wood.

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Uniquely You

Everyone is celebrated in our "Uniquely You" inclusivity-themed collection. Make all your best moments more memorable with wrapping paper that ensures everyone feels seen and celebrated. Not only have we partnered with local Minnesota artists, but we collaborated with artists as far as Zambia to create art that is authentic, relatable, and not exploitative.

Minnesota — A Place We Call Home

Capture the outdoor spirit of Minnesota with our "The Place We Call Home" gift wrapping paper collection with fun catch-phrases representing true Minnesotans. We work with small artists, many from our home state of Minnesota, to create unique prints designed to reflect you intentionality in making your receipient feel celebrated and seen.

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Our Story

"I was having problems finding paper that represented myself and my friends. I grew up in Minnesota, we have this outdoor spirit, we have fun phrases and catch phrases. I just wanted paper that really represented us as Minnesotans" said Mahogany, founder of GiftyWrap.

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