Our Story

Mahogany Ellis —Crutchfield, who passionately loves celebrating family and friends, had the idea for GiftWrap after struggling to find artful wrapping paper that was inclusive of her diverse community. So, with a little bit of sugar, spice, and everything nice, Mahogany created a company that specializes in all things joy and love.

"I was having problems finding paper that represented myself and my friends. I grew up in Minnesota, we have this outdoor spirit, we have fun phrases and catch phrases. I just wanted paper that really represented us as Minnesotans"said Mahogany, founder of GiftyWrap.

GiftyWrap makes unique specialty wrapping paper with the goal of helping to ensure everyone feels seen, represented, and celebrated. We are on a mission to one day have paper that celebrates all cultures and reflects the diverse communities we all live in. Our goal is to spread joy, and bring more art into the world through inclusively.

Your purchase puts dollars into the pockets of local artists. We have collaborated with small artists that are local to Minnesota and as far as Zambia to create art that is authentic, relatable and not exploitative.

It's no secret that representation matters, GiftyWrap is a black and female-owned business. Everyone is represented in our wrapping papers!