blue silver and white balloons caught in a net

GiftyWrap's Balloonery

Whether it’s a graduation balloon arch, a new baby balloon garland, or a balloon shark floating in his glorious balloon-filled net, your neighborhood balloon-installation experts are at your service.

  • balloons u-shaped garland

    Organic U-Shaped Garland

    Starting at $350
    The u-shaped garland is great for entire coverage over backdrops and large spaces. This organic garland has a variety of balloon sizes mixed together to create a beautiful statement piece.
    *Final pricing is determined by the size and number of colors in the garland.

  • balloons l-shape garland

    Organic L-Shaped Garland

    Starting at $250

    Our most POPULAR garland shape. This garland drapes across and down either the left or right. This classic style is a great fit for all events and either drapes nicely across signs and banners, or looks beautiful as a stand alone statement piece. This organic garland has a variety of balloon sizes mixed together to create a beautiful statement piece.

    *Final pricing is determined by the size and number of colors in the garland.

  • balloons arch

    Balloon Arch

    Starting at $200

    Look no further for a show stopping entrance or walkway than with a balloon arch! This balloon product is great for indoor or outdoor celebrations. Guests can walk right under it and into your perfect event.

    *Pricing increases based on number of colors or addons, such as foil balloons.

  • balloon basic garland

    Basic Organic Garland (One Long Row)

    Starting at $20 per Foot

    Have it your way with our basic garland, starting at $20 per foot. We can go as long or short as you'd like! This is a fun customizable garland that can be used anywhere.

  • balloons column

    Balloon Columns

    Starting at $60 for One Column or $100 for Two Columns

    Add fun pop of balloons with balloon columns. Easily placed around your celebration, this self standing party decoration is always a huge hit!

    What's our favorite thing about the column? Customization, lets us personalize this for your special event.

  • balloons decorated in circle

    Balloon Decorated 1/2-3/4 Circle

    Starting at $200
    Have a circle arch needing decorating? Want a rental circle arch decorated with balloons? We've got you covered either way. Ask us about hanging signage options as well.

  • balloons large gifts

    Large Gifts

    Starting at $300

    Big, bold and beautiful! A full circle arch of balloons is sure to be a stand out at your next gathering. Call us to decorate your circle arch or to rent ours. 

    Ask us about hanging signage options as well.

  • balloons helium bouquets

    Helium Balloon Bouquets

    Starting at $20 per Bouquet

    Tradition is tradition for a reason. We can provide you with beautiful helium bouquets in different sizes and styles.

    Call us today to ask about our helium options.

  • mahogany under a balloon arch
  • mahogany standing next to balloon l-shaped garland
  • white and orange balloons surrounded the word grad
  • balloon green l-shaped garland over carina crossing sign
  • mahoney under blue and purple balloon arch inside auditorium
  • pink balloons with message she said yes
  • two basic balloon garlands over brown leather sofa
  • mahogany next to red and white balloon arch
  • blue and purple balloon arch inside auditorium
  • blue purple and white balloons over happy birthday party table
  • blue and white balloons inside bank of america lobby
  • punk and gold balloons set up as entrance to a tent
  • green silver and black balloons over window indoors
  • colorful balloons with butterfly balloon and a number 2 balloon

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are all the prices “starting at?

Each balloon creation is unique! Your final price is based on the length of your garland and the amount of (and type of) different colors requested.

Anything above 3 colors, specialty colors like metallic, or custom double stuff colors will add to your price.

How far in advance should I place my order?

We do our best to accommodate all orders, there is never such as thing as too early! It is unlikely that we are able to service requests with less than 24 hours notice. But, please call 612-419-6795 you never know, we are in the business of helping and we want to help!

Why are your balloon prices priced the way they are?

Our prices reflect your peace of mind. All you have to do is let us in the door and your balloon install will be done to your specifications.

Our prices include:
The time spent with you designing your balloon piece.
• Professional grade balloons that are not only durable, but sustainable.
• Balloons of varying sizes to create drama and flair.
• Labor and talent need to get all of the little extras to install your piece.

When we arrive onsite with your balloons we bring extra’s, inflation equipment, hanging products, and more. We bring everything needed to ensure everything goes well and we guarantee our work.

Unfortunately that kit you found online doesn’t come with that kind of service. Like many things our balloon work is a luxury, but we promise it comes with luxury service.

How are balloons hung?

Based on your design we will either attached the garland to your surface with command hooks, or you will have to rent one of our free standing structures.

If we are attaching the balloons to a frame you already have, we use 260 balloons (the skinny balloons used to make balloon animals).

The 260 balloons are used like a rubber band and are easily cut off.

Do you come back and pop the balloons?

The balloons are yours to keep! If you have rented one of our frames for your balloons we will come and retrieve our frame. Most balloons are air filled which means they will last you weeks (if stored inside).

They can be hung around your house for fun decoration or you can reuse them for upcoming events.

For a nominal fee we are willing to return and dispose of the balloons for you.

Do you deliver? Is that included?

We love the open road and are happy to deliver! We charge a minimum of $25 dollar delivery fee around the Twin Cities. But don’t fret, we travel far and wide around the state for an increased delivery fee.

Taxes and delivery are not included in the above pricing. Minnesota charges a 7.525% state tax on balloon goods and services.

A 20% deposit is required to secure your balloon order.

I have a unique idea do you do custom and one of a kind pieces?

That's our favorite kind of balloon work! Send us your pinterests, your instagrams or your hand drawn sketches.

Let’s create something amazing. There is no balloon request too big or too small, we promise!

How do I pay?

We require a 20% retainer fee to secure your order and time on our schedule. That can be paid via one of the options below. Final payment can be made through on of the following payment options:

All major credit/debit cards accepted, and we accept the following payment methods:

• Square Invoice — we can conveniently e-mail you an invoice.
• We can accept credit and debit cards during delivery.
• Cash upon delivery
• Venmo
• Cash App

What about balloons and the environment?

We only use professional grade balloons. Professional brands such as Qualatex, Tuftex and Bettalax produce sustainable and biodegradable material balloons.

Major balloon companies understand the importance of Mother Earth and the environmental footprint. These respectable brands are paving the way for the intersection of balloon fun and sustainable living. We only purchase our balloons from U.S. based balloon distributors.

Check out the materials Qualatex has on their work on sustainable balloons:

We do not in any way support any type of balloon release practice. Balloons should NEVER be released into the atmosphere.

Interested in Balloonery? Email Me Here For a Custom Quote.